Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Flood Doesn't Matter at Crissy Field

Subtitle: as long as it's blowing 30+

Today was one of the windier days at Crissy Field, even some of the die hard Crissy folks were shaking their heads and getting blown off the water. The regulars seemed to think wind like this was a once or twice a year type of thing. I started on 4.2 and 86L and lasted about 30 minutes before I decided I would be having more fun on my 3.8. The 3.8 felt better but then again Kevin speculated that it wasn't so much the strong breeze as the chop making it difficult to go, especially on port tack. The chop was steep and really tight together. Definitely one of my more challenging days on the water. It actually reminded me a lot of the gorge, only less forgiving in terms of the water surface conditions.

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rathokan said...

the flood doesn't matter... unless you have a tiny wave fin, and it's flooding, and said fin had just been slammed into the concrete and was spinning out like crazy... i was lurking downwind for sure.