Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, a new potential windsurfing vehicle emerges..

Getting your gear from one place to the other is hard. I find myself staring at vehicles driving down the road, trying to visualize how a rack with boards could be configured or imagining how one might fit booms into a new car.

Right now, I drive a Toyota Matrix... which has done the job pretty well. Great gas mileage, back window hatch can be opened to use the "shove" stowing of gear method. However, I would like to enter the world of boards-in-the-car someday. The obvious choice is a cargo van, but then I think of driving one of those big lumbering things, as well as the mpg, then it seems a little less attractive.

In any case, I'll stop blathering on and introduce what I think would be an awesome windsurfing vehicle: the 2009 Ford Flex. Although the all important "cargo depth" statistic isn't available, I've looked at many pictures, and I believe this vehicle will have at least 8 feet of depth. Using Pythagorean Theorem, I imagine one could fit boards of around 9 and a half feet in the back of the car.


If you want to see more pictures, check out: Ford's website, where you can navigate through a bunch of marketing mumbo jumbo flash presentations.