Thursday, April 23, 2009

SF Windsurfing + Blogging + City Life = FAIL

When I moved to SF, I thought to myself "why are there not many blogs about windsurfing in the bay area?".

There is tons of wind out here. There are tons of windsurfers out here. There are lots of creative/internetty types out here.

Then after about 10 months, I figured out why. People here windsurf a lot. They also work a lot. Then they have lots of friends too. All of these adds up to not a lot of free time for things like blogging.

I've taken some pictures and video lately, but just haven't had time to sit down and post any of it up. There was an amazing day at Crissy a couple Tuesday's ago where I sailed on my 3.8 fully powered. Pictures can be found here (and HEY! I'm in a few of them). I was on an eight-of-ten day streak and the wind died last weekend. It's finally picking up again. I learned how to duck-jibe. They aren't pretty, but they are mostly dry.

So yeah. Sorry for the lack of content. When I get injured or have some time, I'll just upload a bunch of crap and put it on here...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally back on schedule...

April is considered by many bay area windsurfers to be the best time of year. The wind is typically very consistent and fairly strong. This April has been a little ... strange I guess. We had a whole week with very light breeze that finally ended last Friday.

This weekend was a full on delivery though. I sailed Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Crissy. Friday was 4.7, Saturday and Sunday I sailed 5.3, but could have gotten away with 4.7. It was pretty windy on the inside too, so no 45 minute slogs to the wind line. I was sailing pretty juiced up on the 5.3 at times which I gotta admit was fun!

I'm pretty beat up now... All kinds of body parts hurt, but I'm sporting the perma-grin in the office today for sure.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not only is Andy from Lost in Hatteras funny...

...he also lives in the outer banks of North Carolina, which means he has a lot of time on his hands.

I just realized that in response to my April Fools joke, he created a new blog for me, "The Human Teabag". Check it out!

It's been unusually not windy here for the last 5 days or so, especially considering it's April. The forecast is starting to look better... wish us luck!

Looks like the guys in FL and NC have been scoring big. Stop stealing our wind!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What a fun stick day looks like...

From 2:30 to 5:30 I was sailing a 4.7 and having a lot of fun. I was planing about 85% of the time and this is what the wind graph looked like. The water was pure flat butter as the tide had a little ebb going.

Kinda hard to believe, huh? Rich and Arnie from Pappas Rock were there with me working on freestyle. We were all getting very wet and having a lot of fun. I could have been on a bigger sail, but was having a lot of fun using a 4.7, working on efficiency and using a sail I could really toss around.

I'm not sure if it's meter accuracy or the big board effect. Maybe I'm even getting slightly more efficient... *gasp*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Flood Doesn't Matter at Crissy Field

Subtitle: as long as it's blowing 30+

Today was one of the windier days at Crissy Field, even some of the die hard Crissy folks were shaking their heads and getting blown off the water. The regulars seemed to think wind like this was a once or twice a year type of thing. I started on 4.2 and 86L and lasted about 30 minutes before I decided I would be having more fun on my 3.8. The 3.8 felt better but then again Kevin speculated that it wasn't so much the strong breeze as the chop making it difficult to go, especially on port tack. The chop was steep and really tight together. Definitely one of my more challenging days on the water. It actually reminded me a lot of the gorge, only less forgiving in terms of the water surface conditions.

April Fools!!!

Thanks to all the suckers...err friends who showed their support yesterday. If I ever switch to kiting, please get me institutionalized.

In any case, I got a session in at Candlestick yesterday on a 4.7, either overpowered or bobbing. Super gusty conditions, but still fun. A few of the guys from Berkeley came over which was great. Any time my buddies show up, I push myself harder and try new things. It's really easy to sail by yourself and be satisfied doing the same kind of jibes you do all the time... which is actually kinda lame, right?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've Decided to Switch to Kiteboarding

Hey guys,

I know this is going to come as a surprise to many of you but I just have to come clean. After much careful consideration, I've decided to sell all my windsurfing gear and make the switch to kiting. While I was in La Ventana, I met a whole bunch of really cool kiters and took a few lessons and found it to actually be a lot more fun than I have had windsurfing in years. I bought a 12 and 8 meter kite while I was down there along with a board and it's a big reason why I've been blogging so little about windsurfing lately.

So this is also going to be my last post as the Human Catapult. I really appreciate all the support and all of the close friends I've made through the years windsurfing. It really has been great, and I'll hopefully be able to swing by and say "hi" now and again.

I did start a new kiting blog, so if you want to keep up with me check it out.

Good winds to all,

Aaron, the artist formerly known as the "Human Catapult".