Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools!!!

Thanks to all the suckers...err friends who showed their support yesterday. If I ever switch to kiting, please get me institutionalized.

In any case, I got a session in at Candlestick yesterday on a 4.7, either overpowered or bobbing. Super gusty conditions, but still fun. A few of the guys from Berkeley came over which was great. Any time my buddies show up, I push myself harder and try new things. It's really easy to sail by yourself and be satisfied doing the same kind of jibes you do all the time... which is actually kinda lame, right?


David said...

Hey - I saw on Kevin's blog that you are having problems with the GoPro - PUT IN NEW BATTERIES. The GoPro's are super sensitive to battery levels.

Catapulting Aaron said...

Hey Dave,

Sergey from emailed me the same suggestion... Thanks! I'll give it a shot when I get a chance... today would have been nice... 3.8 at crissy! holy crap!