Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally back on schedule...

April is considered by many bay area windsurfers to be the best time of year. The wind is typically very consistent and fairly strong. This April has been a little ... strange I guess. We had a whole week with very light breeze that finally ended last Friday.

This weekend was a full on delivery though. I sailed Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Crissy. Friday was 4.7, Saturday and Sunday I sailed 5.3, but could have gotten away with 4.7. It was pretty windy on the inside too, so no 45 minute slogs to the wind line. I was sailing pretty juiced up on the 5.3 at times which I gotta admit was fun!

I'm pretty beat up now... All kinds of body parts hurt, but I'm sporting the perma-grin in the office today for sure.


George Markopoulos said...

i have the same grin today!

David said...

Perhaps I should sneak some gear to SF with me next week... at least a wetsuit so I don't have to wear yours! ;-)