Monday, March 30, 2009

The Most Fun Windsurfing Video, maybe ever...

So the windsurfing season is underway here in the SF bay. I'm starting to get a little more dialed in and on schedule with getting out now, which is great.

Last Sunday was an awesome 3.8 day at 3rd avenue. Pretty amazing! During the week I got out to Candlestick once or twice and Crissy a couple times. I really need to try to document this stuff. Saturday was great sailing late, but I had other plans... Sunday was really nice 4.7 (many on smaller) at Coyote point. I tried out a boom-mounted cam but I only managed to grab a few frames... I need to figure that thing out...

Looks like everyone in the blogosphere is getting breeze this time of year... cheers!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crissy, I'm sorry! Take me back! I still looove yooooouuuu!!!

My last 3 sessions of windsurfing have been super fun laid back days at Crissy Field.

Perfectly powered 5.3 conditions, smooth sections of water, occasionally nice ramps. Sun. Happy beach goers. Such a great scene. Nice ebbs, no worries of getting home.

Crissy, I hope you can forgive me for my previous negative posts and comments. Yes, I still think you're beautiful. Yes, you tempt me like no other. And I know that when I break beneath that chilly exterior, the reward of your love will be unmatched. I promise to be more patient with you if you promise to be more patient with me. I'm so drawn to you, I feel like it's almost meant to be.

Er uh... where was I?

Hope everyone gets some this weekend! (wind)