Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best Post-Cold Session Food

Tuesday was 4.2/75L at Half Moon Bay. Crankin', fun, and lots of rust getting kicked off.

Post-session food is a matter of taste. Lots of folks seem to love to go for that red meat protein injection with juicy hamburger. I have another friend who likes a milkshake after a day in the water, to satisfy his sweet tooth. When I was living in DC there was an IHOP we used to visit to gorge ourselves on breakfast-for-dinner.

But here in SF after getting out of the cold water, the best thing I've found is Vietnamese Chicken Soup (pho ga). Your runny nose releases all it's fluids, you reverse the bone chill from the inside out, you get rehydrated on the savory broth. A little sriracha sauce gives you a kick of spice to accelerate this process.

It's a little bit of heaven.

What's your favorite post spock snack?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

When You Mess with the Bull

... you get the horns. I broke my first mast the other day on my first ocean sailing session of the year. The wipe out wasn't particularly spectacular, the wave not particularly big, the swim not particularly harrowing. She was a good mast, lasted me two seasons. Her life probably could have been much longer had I just used her on flat water. But can you really call that living?

In any case, it was a pretty expensive day. I had a few memorable down-the-line wave rides that *almost* made it worth it. The thing that is creeping around the back of my mind is if I continue visiting the coast, how many masts could I break this season? At $500 a pop, these things are a pretty expensive speeding ticket. At what point do you take away your license?

Anyhow, here's a quick video from that day. Jacob getting worked, a couple local heroes doing their thing, and a huge dead elephant seal.

ps. yes, I know this video doesn't fit here, but I don't have the time or patience to fix that right now, so just click through to the youtube link and save your concerned email for a late rebate payment or something not punctuated properly in Windsurfing Magazine.