Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best Post-Cold Session Food

Tuesday was 4.2/75L at Half Moon Bay. Crankin', fun, and lots of rust getting kicked off.

Post-session food is a matter of taste. Lots of folks seem to love to go for that red meat protein injection with juicy hamburger. I have another friend who likes a milkshake after a day in the water, to satisfy his sweet tooth. When I was living in DC there was an IHOP we used to visit to gorge ourselves on breakfast-for-dinner.

But here in SF after getting out of the cold water, the best thing I've found is Vietnamese Chicken Soup (pho ga). Your runny nose releases all it's fluids, you reverse the bone chill from the inside out, you get rehydrated on the savory broth. A little sriracha sauce gives you a kick of spice to accelerate this process.

It's a little bit of heaven.

What's your favorite post spock snack?


Waterturtle said...

A really hoppy IPA

PeconicPuffin said...

Question: Are all the fluids from your runny nose in the bowel we're looking at? And is that the traditional way of having pho ga?

(if there was an emoticon appropriate for the above, I'd type it now.)

I love vietnamese food! I'm not even hitting vulcans, though, so none post sesh for me. There's a fantastic waterside fishmarket near some of our launches that always has a couple pots of fish chowder on. A great restorative.