Friday, August 1, 2008

The First Rule of Windsurfing Club

You do not talk about Windsurfing Club!

Fight Club is probably one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. When I come come back to work the morning after an awesome session and I feel like I've beat up and bruised but at the same time completely stoked, I'm often reminded of the scene in this movie where he's at work, his coworkers are yelling in his face but it only comes through as a silent hum in the background. Even if you tried to explain how you achieved this state of temporary nirvana, they probably wouldn't understand.

I had another awesome session at Point Isabel/Marina Bay. 86L and 5.0, fully powered 20-25 goodness for about 2 hours. Starboard and port jumping ramps along with super flat water behind Brooks' Island. Big rolling swell about a half mile upwind. Right now this is my favorite spot, and it's not even close.

July Wrap-Up

days of sailing, with planing on 5.7 or below
2 days using the 5.7 "big sail"
14 days on my trusty 5.0 Boxer
13 different spots

The days I missed were mostly due to things like going to the DMV, getting boards repaired, traveling or being sick. Truly, there were probably only 3-4 days that were unsailable (and by unsailable, I mean unplanable, with my gear). If you were willing to drive, had a 7.5, and a little bit of local knowledge I'm confident you could plane every day.

I know my buddies on the east coast are having a rough go-of-it this summer. I'll say a prayer for you all!


SlideHappySailor said...

haha, your prayers and mine are being answered in the mildest of fashions, as might be wind here Sunday, und Wednesday.

PeconicPuffin said...

You are having too good a time. You have taken ALL of the wind!

At least someone is getting it...good for you. It is truly ridiculous on the east coast. I'm looking at the water right now. Glass. I can't even go out and practice helitacks.