Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random Pictures before a weekend off...

I haven't had any real significant sessions lately. I've been sailing Coyote Point quite a bit trying to cash in to how close it is to my office. It's a neat spot, the slightest change in wind direction changes the experience quite a bit. Today was 18-21 or so on a light flood. I mistakenly rigged my 5.0 and fought and fought the whole time to stay upwind. Yesterday was solid 5.0 on my 85L board and my ankles were taking a beating. Sometimes you go straight into the chop there, sometimes it comes from the side, it's so variable and dynamic... but it's usually pretty exciting while not feeling dangerous. It's really growing on me.

I'm off to Tahoe this weekend for some camping and hiking with my uncle. I know I'm going to be missing windsurfing and dreading the altitude headaches... but it will be nice to have a little break. I hope everybody gets some (wind) this weekend.

This is a photograph taken from near my house in the Presidio of an event called "Sail Fest". It was a huge regatta with hundreds of sailboats, and they got perfect serene sailing conditions with beautiful sunny skies that day.

This was the day I walked at Crissy. I think once I pony up for a marine radio, I'll start sailing here a lot more. The scenery is flat out amazing.

Another shot from that day at Crissy. It was pretty cold. Low 60s in the middle of the afternoon.

This is a picture taken from inside my apartment. It's a foggier and chillier part of town, but the view on a clear day like this can't be beat. They are old military style apartments, but the rent is low and the places are really nice on the inside. I fall to sleep every night to the sound of crashing waves... it rocks.

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SlideHappySailor said...

I've been staring at that kite pic trying to locate the kiter. guy must have skills like me! flies kite well, rides board not!