Monday, August 4, 2008

A Weekend at Coyote

I sailed Coyote Point on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each day was great, but I think Sunday took the cake. The wind was steady NW 20-25 with lots of port ramps, which I FINALLY have figured out how to jump. (Previously, I had been trying to use my starboard programming to do port jumps, ha!) I'm glad I got that rewired. Now I just need to figure out how to go higher.

It was really crowded, I couldn't even find a parking spot. There were CalCup formula races going on as well as a couple non-windsurfing related parties. A lot of windsurfers avoid crowded places and keep spots they like secret. I completely disagree with this philosophy. I'm all about windsurfing around lots of windsurfers in places where windsurfing can be exposed. It's an individual sport, but everyone brings a different perspective and passion... I really dig that.

Here's a few pics:

The marine layer has a lot to do with how the wind works out here. Essentially it's a big mass of fog that develops over the Pacific and the west side of the peninsula. It's a chilly, low flying system that gets pretty cold when there's high pressure. The hot eastern land mass warms up throughout the day and the layer gets sucked across the peninsula and the bay. I know I've said about 20 things wrong in this paragraph, but I'm still working on my west coast meteorology merit badge.

Holy crap, it's Matt Pritchard! He was there doing some clinics and helping with a Tabou board demo. He's definitely one of those guys who defines class and good attitude, it was cool getting to chat with him for just a few minutes. Oh, I followed him out once to the middle of the bay and he was lofting HUGE air. There's a difference between pros and mortals.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist making an LOLmatt!


uglyjiber said...


OMGZ LOLMATT iz hilareeus. U haz mor?!!1!!?

uglyjiber said...


George Markopoulos said...

great post. man you're getting some serious time on the water, w/pros even.

Andy said...


"Holy Crap, It's Matt Pritchard" were my exact mental words as I scrolled down your post...

Takes some ballz to poke fun at someone who chucks 30 foot backloops... You better watch your back out there on the water : )

James Douglass said...

That's an interesting wetsuit Matt is wearing. The face on the chest must be to confuse his opponents.

Catapulting Aaron said...

Josh, glad SOMEBODY got the joke. ha!

George, yeah lots of TOW, I'm slowly getting better, though.

Andy, guys like me always have to watch their back. It gets old when you are constantly yelling "starboard" at other sailors when you're on port.

James, the pros have all the trick gear. I hear those Camaro's are pretty nice, I'll have to check one out before I make my next purchase (4/3 is the way to go out here after all)