Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Odd Twist of Fate

Just when you've got it all figured out, things change.

It turns out that I've been offered a job within my current company that will be a huge career advancement. It's one of those moments when I really have to do the right thing to keep growing now, or else I could be stuck doing the same thing (that I'm not totally stoked on) for many more years.

The new job has me relocating to the NY Metropolitan area. My home base office will be on Manhattan, but I'll be able to work from home at least a few days a week. On one hand it's sad to leave San Francisco, since it's been so good to me. But otherwise, I'm pretty excited for the change and the big city life. The wind and people have been great out here and I'll forever cherish those memories and relationships, but I'm super excited to see what Long Island has to offer in terms of windsurfing. I can't wait to sail all those -auks and -amptons with the Peconic Puffin crew.

The move is at the end of April. Excited!

Any suggestions for where I should settle that's close to work and windsurfing?

(photo of Ray Armas, NY City Windsurfer catching the subway)


Unknown said...

I work in Norwalk, CT but we have an office in NYC I regularly visit. If you want more space and a shorter drive to windsurfing Brooklyn is probably your best bet. The wind is always better on the Long Island side of the sound and the further out you go the breezier it gets. If I want to get good conditions I have to drive to RI or out to Peconic Bay. There is also a well known spot called Demo near Brooklyn.

Jacob said...

Aaron, bro. Congrats on the job, but I'm super, super sad to see you go. I suppose I can count this as career advancement for me too, as I won't have any good excuse to split work at 2pm to join you at Haskins or Candlestick anymore.

You'll always have a place to crash and gear to borrow when you visit the Bay. You know that missing out on all the back-to-back nukin' 4.2 days here is going to give you the shakes.

Speaking of gear to borrow, obviously you are going to have to ditch your sail and board quiver to get something more appropriate for NY. Maybe switch back to formula? Agh, and that 75L wave board you just got. That'll never see the light of day. You might as well quit windsurfing. I bet you'd enjoy kiting. Anyway, I offer my services to help you let go of your gear.

End of April? Sounds like we gotta get you out to Tomales and Tubamancha. And we gotta get you blitzed on some Fuller's ESB.


CdnGuy said...

Aw, I'll be sad not to hear your reports about how many days of sailing you get in SF!

How about doing the ABK clinic Sept 23 on Long Island? I'm signed up. Wait, you are too good now.

Fish said...

You can join us on the annual spring pilgrimage to Hatteras!

PeconicPuffin said...

How did I miss this post? I was just preparing a plan to ship you that old fanatic fin (if I can find it). Now I can hand it to you!

The answer(s) to your question:
You can live in Brooklyn, figure out owning a car, and sail at Plum Beach. I've never actually tried this (I've watched others)...the beach and water are less than pristine.

Of course if you can manage a car you can drive to any of the Long Island sites. Get here and I'll dial you in. I'll email you more detailed information.

Democrat Point is near Brooklyn if you're a bird...the land route and obstacles make it not so close.