Friday, March 18, 2011

What would have happened...

I woke up around my customary time of 5am this morning to hop on a couple conference calls with folks from the east coast. Of course, before I did that, I checked the wind. By 9AM my calls were over and there was a window of opportunity for me to go windsurfing. I decided to be a good boy and continuing to work, crossing my fingers for the storm to last into the afternoon. Otherwise my morning would have went like this:

9:00 AM - Stop in donut shop to refuel, begin the drive down to Half Moon Bay in terrible stormy conditions.

10:00 AM - Arrive at Half Moon Bay, change into wetsuit.

10:05 AM - Decide to rig 4.7 and 97L board.

10:10 AM - Wind ramps up to 30 average. It's gonna be a big day! Rig down to 3.7/75.

10:15 AM - Derig bigger gear so it doesn't blow away.

10:20 AM - Get to water. Immediately begin slogging but expect that it's just a lull. Denial Stage.

10:25 AM - Continue slogging, commence four-letter dialect use. Anger stage.

10:30 AM - Slog a bit more, consider rigging larger. Bargaining stage.

10:35 AM - Lay in the water waiting for a water start after a failed pivot jibe. Spit up mouthfuls of storm water. Depression Stage.

10:40 AM - Begin swimming back to the beach. Fire copious snot rockets into the sand and hack up chunky bits of runoff for the next 15 minutes. Acceptance Stage.

10:55 AM - Long, slow drive home on wet roads after an unproductive morning. Grief complete.

So I missed this morning, but at least my wetsuit is dry and ready for the next chance.


(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

So funny. And true! I had many many sessions just like that in Boston driving like a mad man to the Cape. I almost gave up on the whole deal before moving to HR (and now Maui). Life is much easier now...

Sergey Menshikov said...


CdnGuy said...

I'm guessing the wind prediction that you looked at before not heading out suggested that it would die on you? Did that perhaps affect your decision not to go?

Catapulting Aaron said...

Hey Carl... not so much the forecast for me, it was the last few sessions down there. Skunk city! Couldn't bear to blow another 20 bucks on gas for potentially nothing!