Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Well? Did I trick you?

I'm staying here indefinitely. Job or no job.

Email responses from my friends:

Me: Sad news, check out the blog.
(1 minute later)Kevin: you misspelled Manhattan
(2 minutes later)Jacob: Congrats! Sad to see you go! You've got gear to borrow here!
(3 minutes later)Steve: Go make some money and sail HIHO with me! We'll miss you!
(4 minutes later)Sofy: You guys realize it's almost April 1st?
(5 minutes later)Jacob: *******
Steve: I take it everything back!

I can't pull a prank on these guys to save my life.

Sorry to the folks that legitimately wished me well! To heck with the rest of you!


VinceSF said...

My heart sunk at the fake news so hard I couldnt type an email to you. Then I started crying realizing how I was going to miss you....and then I....oh look, a squirrel!

CdnGuy said...

You had me; hook, line and sinker.

James Douglass said...

Dang, man. Sometimes I wish my move to the Northeast had just been an April fools joke.

PeconicPuffin said...

You sure fooled me! Doh!