Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Unusual Catapult Blog Guest Appearance

My nipples.

Pardon the strange attire, it was a rare scorcher in the bay (especially for this year) and all I had was some neoprene short layers, and one booty to cover a cut on my right foot. Perfect 5.6 butter flat, table smooth water. Happy to not be making spocks to get a chance to cool off. Well, sorta happy about that.


Jacob said...

Behold! The hairless crested windsurfer. Rare, most often observed at Candlestick Point or at the Palo Alto Bird Sanctuary. DO NOT APPROACH NOR ATTEMPT TO FEED NOR PET. Known to bite and carry rabbies. Responds favorably to offers of cold Budweiser and Fuller's ESB.

Mo said...

you seem to have lost your coconuts.

The Nobody said...

I always wanted to try windsurfing, but i'm afraid of the ocean :( nonetheless that is a beautiful view of the scenery :)