Friday, August 6, 2010

Hamburger A or Hamburger B?

Here are a couple of vulcans that I attempted a couple of weeks ago. The question is, which one is a better attempt?

The second one was dry, but I contend that the first one is the better one for a couple of reasons.

A. I went boom to boom on the first one, and kept the mast vertical. I probably would have made it if that big piece of chop didn't come and eat the front of my board.

B. I do a huge arm sweeping motion on the second one before going to the mast with my hand. The mast fell far to leeward and I was lucky to recover from it...

The boom-to-boom vs. pole grabbing on a vulcan or spock is a pretty hotly debated topic. Many of the best freestyle windsurfers in the world grab the mast when they spock, but most instructors say going boom to boom will ultimately give you a more consistent spock, and a better shot at the spock 540.

I guess the question is, does it matter? Maybe it does. The only people that can tell the difference are the people who are into freestyle. To everyone else, it may as well be a grubby/puneta/other spinnyslidey move.

Or the even bigger philosphical question is: What's better a good miss or a bad make?

I think a good miss is better, a bad make is how you start forming bad habits (see, jibing).


Fish said...

I agree with you - first one is better, despite the endings.

Letting the rig get away from you like that totally makes it a lot more challenging to stick, and to progress to spockage.

Luke said...

Gonna have to requested that you change your About Me verbage from

I'm a bad windsurfer who just moved to San Francisco.


The next Kevin Kan!

You're sick man! Seriously, check your temperature.

chachi said...

i'm a pole grabber and I don't care. do what makes you happy, it's san francisco after all! Hambuger B!