Thursday, August 12, 2010


(photo by Asma A, freestyle badass)

Yesterday was my 100th day of sailing this year.

That's a lot of windsurfing.

It's also an easy number to run a quick percentage count of what sails/boards I was using this year. Keep in mind that I live and work in a situation right now that allows me to sail nearly every sailable day in the bay. I take days off to rest, injury or if I'm not feeling well, so by no means am I sailing EVERY sailable day. Probably a majority, though. Also, I didn't include the handful of 2 session days in my analysis. That would change things a bit, but not a huge amount.

3.7 - 3 days
4.2 - 9 days
4.7 - 32 days
5.0 - 15 days
5.3 - 26 days
5.6 - 15 days

97 L Fanatic Skate - 72 days
86 L Fanatic Freewave - 18 days

My weight most of this season has been about 170 American pounds (77kg).

I was a little surprised to see how much more I use my bigger freestyle board than my smaller freewave. I attribute this partly to it being a lighter wind year than normal (el neenyo) and partly to my complete obsession with freestyle windsurfing (something I just started this year).

**Disclaimer: I'm not writing this to brag, or put anyone else's sailing region down. I just think it's somewhat useful information for people who visit or are considering moving to this location. Yes, it's windy here, and if you have a flexible schedule you could sail a ton.

***Disclaimer numero dos: Here's the part where I brag. I made my first spock during my 100th session of the year.


Waterturtle said...

Nice going and congrats! I think our comments on your last post on this topic have made you very sensitive and now have you posting disclaimers.

Screw everyone else...more power to've made it happen for yourself by moving to SFO and getting your work/life situation such that you can sail a ton...and yes, we're still jealous but genuinely happy for you as well.

chachi said...

i was just working on a post called "20" so i hope you don't think i'm copying you.
that being said 100 days is awesome! and i'm not too far behind you. see ya on the water!

Maverick said...

Wow! I'm happy for you and already thinking of moving to SF :). I noticed that not a lot of blog posts about learning the spock which I take it means that the vulcan is the thing and then spock will follow.. (I hope). Well I'm still at the Vulcan phase but it's interesting to read your progress. 29 sessions this year (15 abroad). Finland :D.

Catapulting Aaron said...

Mac, thanks! Also, I get jealous of all the traveling you get to do with your family. Very cool!

Jon - will be interesting to see if you catch up. Maybe if you go somewhere windy this winter when I'm here...

Maverick, yeah you need to have the vulcan pretty well mastered to get the spock. You wouldn't regret a move to SF if you could find a way to make it work!

Gary Wolk said...

Oh so very sweet. What a grand 100!! My buddy Mikey Z has moved to your neighborhood as is likely sailing beyond my skills by now. Man I just gotta travel more. Inland Eastcoast is a hungry place for this passion to live.
Thanks for fanning the stoke!

Sierra said...

Great accomplishment on your 100th day! I wonder if you have sailed more days than me this year.. My days get split between various other H20 opportunities available to me. Hope to see you out here again this fall! Spocking, Volcaning, Looping?

Sierra on Maui

CdnGuy said...

Yikes, I haven't sailed my freestyle board since April.

MikeyZ said...

Hey Aaron, I haven't checked on your blog in a while so this response is a bit outdated. Anyways, I thought I would just write that I DID move to the SF bay area because of this blog (110% awesome life choice). Unfortunately, my job is a bit of a hike from the bay and after work sessions are few and far between, but the weekends are open and I'm on my way to 50 sessions this year(keep in mind that three travel weekends interferred here). And even though I'm not able to sail 5 days a week, those weekend sessions end up being pretty long (occasionally up to 4-5 hours of continuous sailing). Also I've only sailed 4.4 and 5.0 for my 170lbs in the past month (sweet). If I was still living in western NY and had the same job situation I do now my number of sessions could be less than 10.

Lisa St. Clair said...

Awesome post. Thanks for the very useful info...debating hard about whether to stay around the bay or move to the Gorge.