Friday, January 2, 2009

Windsurfing Resolutions

Here's my list of things that I WILL be doing by Jan 1, 2010... What's yours?

1. Duck Jibe
2. Forward Loop
3. Vulcan

If you see me sailing without going for these moves, I ask that you badger me incessantly.

Peace in the Middle-East!



George Markopoulos said...


cammar said...

The only goal a windsurfer should have is to have fun...
But that's my vision.

Andy said...

Good list, Aaron! Progression, to me, is part of the fun... So have at it and push those limits!!

Andy said...

Also- Apparently, some of the fellas out in the Gorge used to have a big chicken hat that wannabe loopers had to wear around town until they actually chucked a loop. Shall we try to dig one up? : )

PeconicPuffin said...

Knock the duck jibe out in your first few sessions...on a patch of flat water duck jibing can be easier than step jibing.

The loop shouldn't be a problem for you...I've heard it said that it's a catapult in which you take your gear along with you! Also then you can motivate me.

rathokan said...

be careful what you wish for... incessant badgering is my forte!

Arnie said...

nice list; i am sure you'll be able to nail all 3 of 'em in 09. the forward is just mental and easier than a duck-jibe. Rich and I'll will get you going on that loop in no time!

My list:
1. Shaka
2. Ponch
3. Flaka variations: double, 1 and 0 handed
4. Spinny switchstance shit
5. Go BIG or Go Home