Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stolen Items

Two human feet, last seen at Crissy Field near the Golden Gate Bridge. Size 10.5, including a total of 10 toes. Suspect took feet while I was windsurfing in 45 degree winds and 50 degree water. Feet were replaced with imitation feet that are opaque white and have no nerve endings.

If you have any leads on who may have stolen my previously functioning feet, please email me.


Andy said...

Somebody stole my boardshorts last summer. I had to go sailing in my tighty whities. Nobody enjoyed that, that's for sure.

Theft is the lamest thing ever. I hope you find your feet soon.

Outdrsmn said...

I was hoping the thief wouldn't show up out here on the East Coast. Fortunately a had on my anti-theft devices.... Booties and neoprene socks total of 5 mil. Nice and toasty in 43 degree water.

PeconicPuffin said...

No photos, Andy? that would have got my vote in Bill's contest!