Thursday, January 15, 2009

Voy a Mexico Manana!

Yup, it came down to the wire and I decided to head to La Ventana Mexico. Hopefully my travel will go without a hitch, there is a 3 hour drive from the airport involved. I'm going in with the attitude of not being a lazy blogger and actually rewarding your index fingers for their occasional humancatapult mouse clicks with some real actual pictures and content.

Stay warm!


James Douglass said...

I'll pray to Aeolus that you are blessed with wind.

Waterturtle said...

Sweet! Looking forward to hearing more. Was thinking that could be possible spot to take family. Let me know how "family friendly" it is. In otherwards, is there fun and comfortable stuff to do around there on the beach/poolside while I windsurf? And do you see other families there?

Mo said...

Waiting with chipotle breath for your daily updates and wishing you mucho viento caliente!
...or something like that