Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Know What? SF is Pretty Badass, too!

In order to combat my PMD (Post-Maui Depression), I've been hanging around the city appreciating it's awesomeness even though there hasn't been any breeze. This is not a difficult thing to do. As some of you know, I work a shift from 5am to 2:00pm. This affords me the opportunity to sail virtually every day. Yesterday on my way out the door, I was amazed to see the full moon shining over the Pacific. Just a slight hint of fog on this beautiful October morning.

After work, I drove over to the ocean on my way home to see what it looked like. This is south of the city in a town called Daly City. It looked so nice and peaceful in this particular spot, and the waves looked like they were 2 miles long.

I drove up to the break in the Sunset District on Sloat to see if anyone was out surfing. It was a pretty crowded scene, but there were many more people watching than surfing. It was much bigger and crunchier than the day before when I went "surfing". The guys who were out there seemed like they knew what they were doing. Even getting through the shorepound looked like it took serious effort, even for the experienced guys.

I took some video of guys getting rides on the bigger sets, but alas, I have no way to put them together. It's all good, I just ordered a MacBook Pro.

One of the other things I love about this city is people sort of live-and-let-live. You want a burnt-mango colored house with a light aqua garage? Go for it! Outside-the-box is the inside-the-box in SF. People from all over the world living- literally - however they please. Creativity is encouraged, weirdness is the status quo. My kind of place.

On my way out to dinner, I looked out my apartment window and saw this. Minus the suspended wire, this is a pretty incredible view. (Even with the wire, it's not too shabby). I just snapped a quick one because I was running late. I can just walk down 3 minutes to the beach to enjoy one of these in all their glory.

For dinner, we went to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant which makes the best damn bowl of pho on this side of Ho Chi Minh. We ordered the 7-course beef, which is vietnamese beef served in 7 different styles. All were super delicious, I'm drooling just thinking about it tonight. If for no other reason, I couldn't leave the city for fear of missing the food. World class sushi and shabu, Vietnamese, Dim Sum, Mexican, South American, and all the French fusion duck and frogs you can shake a fork at.

Maui may be the best place to windsurf, but I'm pretty convinced this is the best place to windsurf -- and live-- in the US.


George Markopoulos said...

must be a nice place if Michael Savage choose to live there, despite his conservatism!

Welcome back to the Mainland. Trust me, after going to Maui, you'll never be the same.

cammar said...

Good exercise of appreciation of what you have.