Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Was it worth it?

Last Friday I wasn't feeling so hot, but it looked like it was blowing in Berkeley, so I dipped out of the office at 2pm (5pm EST, so justified) and drove up that way. By the time I got there the wind was puttering out and I packed it in after about an hour. Overnight I started feeling worse, and woke up feeling a little less good the next morning... with some cold sweats.

However, the wind meter looked like this.

I lived on the east coast too long to stay home on a day like that, so I picked up and left for Sherman Island, where it was sunny and breezy. I sailed for an hour and a half or so, mainly on a 4.4 and 85l board, but found myself coughing up a storm when I was waterstarting. It's a challenging (albeit awesome) venue the first time you go there, so admittedly I was getting my ass kicked much of the time. I really had no business being out there in my condition, I realized.

On Sunday, I felt really crappy, and decided to force myself to stay at home an focus on getting better. On Monday, still wasn't feeling good enough to work. I was breathing in steam, drinking vinegar, trying every home remedy you could imagine. Today I finally feel good enough to go to work, but I'm still pretty congested. I probably won't go sailing until the cough and headcold are gone. Was it worth it? If this was the east coast, yes. Out here, the jury's out. I'll probably end up missing 2 windy days when I could have nipped it in the bud on Saturday.