Tuesday, July 1, 2008

James Douglass: One of the Good Guys

Everyone in windsurfing cyberspace seems to love to ask that old question of "what's wrong with windsurfing"? Sure, there's probably been a decline in our sport since the 1980s, it's a pretty widely accepted belief. Comments are made about gear, expenses, economy, attitude, fat kids, etc etc. But the one thing people never realize is that personally, most windsurfers have done squat to recruit others into the sport. (I verified the word "most" for the previous sentence using Scientific Proof Journal, June 2002.)

James ain't one of those whiners and complainers, he actually teaches people to windsurf. And he's doing it for cheap.

(Caption: James takes a break from teaching to show off his manicure.)


uglyjiber said...

pity comment!

Bill said...

Great photo caption!

James Douglass said...

Yes, my next blog post will be about how to maintain beautiful fingernails while enjoying the windsurfing lifestyle.

Lano said...

Plenty of people keen to sail in South Australia, but two things conspiring against us poley's, Kiting is huge here, due to the lighter winds year round. To me kiting is a very one dimensional sport, is easy (So I am told as I have never tried it) to learn, I have heard you can be up and going in three hours or so?

The other is as mentioned the light winds. I have seriously only had one sail in the last three months where I have got planing!

Summer is going to be huge here, looking forward to it already, winter is getting us down!

PeconicPuffin said...

My wife says if you can convince more women that they are strong enough to windsurf AND can have great looking nails doing it, you'll get them lining up for dawn patrol.