Monday, June 7, 2010

The Tricktionary Guy

... said, "it's ok to be one-sided".

I met this guy at Candlestick the other day with sail numbers on his sail and a van emblazoned with Tricktionary logos. It's pretty rare that we sail with sail-number folks. Apparently he's visiting the US for a wedding in Santa Cruz and is checking out our windsurfing spots here in the Bay, the Gorge, and coast. His name is Michael Rossmeier, but he goes by "Rossi". He and his wife created these Tricktionary books and videos (of which I own a book, and need to get my hands on a DVD).

We had a short conversation after a crummy session at Candlestick Park. "Usually, it's much better", I explained. I think he believed me because there must have been 10-15 freestyle windsurfers splashing and spinning at the ends of reaches in the few-and-far-between puffs.

We talked a little about the windsurfing in his home country of Austria, and his main windsurfing spot of Lake Garda. I think he, like me, is from a place that isn't very windy. He seemed to think there weren't a lot of windsurfers in California. I think he might be right, considering how ideal the conditions are here.

The burning question I had, after having seen the book was... "Is it ok to be one-sided?" In the book you can see very detailed pictures of him doing tons of moves with perfect form and execution. But can he do them all on both sides? He said, "yes and no," in that order. He's primarily a starboard trickster. He can do certain moves better on port, but for the most part his bag of tricks starts with his right hand forward.

So as my weak port vulcan attempts come along, I wonder if it's an act of futility. I can feel real progress now, so I'll continue on. But now I know it's ok to be stronger on one side.

You know who told me? The guy who wrote the book on windsurfing.

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CdnGuy said...

If you don't have it, get the Tricktionary, it is way cool!