Monday, May 10, 2010

A Streak to Remember

(photo by Sofien Sehiri)

19 days in a row of windsurfing. Planing in the straps, every day.

It could have been 20, but I just didn't have the heart to make the drive to the east bay yesterday. Too much windsurfing. My vulcan muscles are twisted out. My jumping muscles are grounded. My jibing muscles are over steered. My planing muscles are just plain done. My drive to loop is in reverse. I've got bay water on the brain and I just couldn't windsurf anymore.

My last session on Saturday at Treasure Island, I was riding a 4.2 and 86L board. The conditions were sloppy, but still pretty good and I was thinking to myself, "this really oughta be more fun than I'm having." I hadn't JUST hit the wall. I had beat myself against it with no mercy.

The laws of diminishing returns are real, at least in my non-athletic world. I wonder if those guys that live in Bonaire just take a few days off so their bodies can recoup? Brendon? Are you out there?

What's your longest streak ever?

For me, the last 19 days will be remembered, but I'll probably never repeat it.


Waterturtle said...

you suck :-) I'm "giddy" about the 4 weekends in a row we've had because that never happens. I'm jealous.

Catapulting Aaron said...

Mac -- My intention isn't to make anyone jealous. There are definitely things that most people have that I don't (their own house, a wife, and kids, no pesky roommates, etc etc).

And in a way, I miss sessions being "special". Any time I got out when I was in my previous life, it was a big deal. The thrill of planing was great. Now, some days feel like a chore and I'm not focused or too tired to push myself. I let myself get frustrated if I can't do a trick or something.

There is definitely something to be said for windsurfing less, and smiling more. I guess the point I wasn't able to get across is: Mo' ain't always mo' betta!

James Douglass said...

I dig where you're coming from. 3 or 4 days a week is awesome, but 7 days a week and you can't see the forest for the trees, or something like that.

Waterturtle said...

I get it...I just had to give you a hard time. You know the saying, sometimes "the grass is always greener".

(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

I know what you mean by tired. We've sailed 56 days on our Maui trip so far and surfed most of the other days, and I'm about ready for a break. We're back to HR in a week and the forecast says no wind. Yes!!

CdnGuy said...

My best streak was 29 out of 31 days in July in the early 90's in the Gorge. When you know you won't have a chance to sail again any time soon, it keeps you going.

I know where you are coming from about needing a break. As a financial planner, I often hear clients say that they want to golf every day in retirement. But the reality is that when you start doing something everyday, 5 or 7 days a week, it just becomes work. Like a portfolio, it can be time to diversify.