Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bay Area Windsurfing is like Pizza

...even when it's bad, it's still pretty good.

This was not a great April by bay standards, at least not at first. It was a very slow start to the season. Usually by April 1st, we are in a full swing of very consistent wind. Instead we started out with some strange stormy weather and unusual wind flows. Normally I expect to mainly be riding 4.7, but April was more of a 5.3 month. Nevertheless, the weather soon straightened up and we ended up getting a pretty decent month. To be fair about these stats, I have a pretty flexible schedule and I'm willing to drive everyday for wind. Most people have a more time-sensitive life and good reasons for not driving across the bridges to catch good sessions.

April Stats:

--23 Days of Windsurfing on 5.3 or smaller
--5 days that could be considered "bad days" where I was pretty underpowered, or planed only a few times.
--8 different locations
--10 session at Candlestick Park, where the tide doesn't matter and the wind is slightly stronger.

5.3 - 14 days
4.7 - 6 days
4.2 - 1 day
3.7 - 2 days

239 Starboard tack Vulcans attempted.
25 Port tack Vulcans attempted.


Waterturtle said...

LOL...that's how I should describe lake windsurfing - even when its bad, its pretty good.

windsurfinggypsy said...

Dude What was the temp for april???? im freezing my @$$ of and its 55 just wondering what I can expect when I get back. But your right windsurfing is like pizza even when its bad at least you have beer!!!!