Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

I had to say goodbye to an old friend last week, my Fanatic Freewave 104. This was such an awesome board to progress on in the bay. Plenty of volume to slog to the wind lines, easy to handle in the chattery chop, a dream to jibe. I've moved on to using a dedicated freestyle board as my large board, but am happy to have found a good home for this old boy. I sold it to my friend Heidi, who is a member of the Cal Sailing Club. She and her son are going to share time on this vessel. I'm certain they are going to be able to progress the same way I did over the last two years.

I have mixed feelings about selling gear. On one hand, I always feel weird about attaching a monetary value to an object that has brought me great joy. On the other hand, I can't buy new toys until I have money and space. And finally, it seems selfish to hang on to gear that I no longer use when someone else in the world could be enjoying it.

Every end is a new beginning. My new big board is a Fanatic Skate 97. I'll share with you the details sometime soon, dear reader.

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