Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blast from the not-so-distant Past

Sergey of VideoJibe.com is one of those creative/technical types. He is both into the aesthetics of a shot and the science behind it. Usually when I make a video, I try to make sure I have batteries in the camera, try not to hold the dang thing too wobbly, and spend 90% of my editing time choosing my favorite soundtrack. Sergey innovates on how the camera is held or mounted, changes the camera every few weeks depending on his latest experiment, then meticulously edits the video before trying a myriad of video compression methods to best suit his taste.

This particular video has sections filmed with his custom mast-mount camera, seen below. The video was from last October.

Kevin Kan is riding in these shots. Kevin is just starting to get back on the water after elbow surgery.

This is a photo from his arthroscopic surgery. That drill bit was spinning around and removing windsurf-inhibiting pieces of bone from his right elbow. Kinda gross, but amazing at the same time what modern medicine can do.

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