Thursday, September 11, 2008

Da Stick

Sailed at Candlestick (aka Candleshit) for about an hour yesterday in a tune up session. I was on 5.0 and 104L, which was a little underpowered, but it was still fun to get wet. The winds were gusty and shifty, probably 10-27 or so.

Amazingly, I made my first few jibes. Muscle memory blows my mind. I've always had a theory that a lot of the progress you make is due to sleeping on things; your mind sorts out your technique errors at night. Anyone else find that they make progress "off the water" frequently?

Everything feels pretty good... my right shoulder is a little stiff, but what better way to loosen up than windsurfing?

Also, I had dinner with another famous windsurfing blogger, Dave. He has a blog called Epic Sessions that he recentle seceded from his other blog, Cheeseheadtech. His blog is a lot like mine, other than the fact that he's a good windsurfer who has a good sense of humor, 15 years more experience, a better job, waterfront property, vendors who send him free stuff, and a family who loves him. Other than that, we're basically the same windsurfer.


Sergey Menshikov said...

Candlestick is the "jibe lab". Because of flatter water one can really concentrate on the motions. The drawbacks are characters, trash plant stink and suspicious floats; and, on a game day, you pay $25 for the privilege.

SlideHappySailor said...

Stoked you got to ride! Saw some video of a couple Maui kite spots, the waves there are sick, the wind was ripping, and it looked all to advanced for my nub skills. But you sir, are going to kill it! Heal well!