Saturday, June 11, 2011

SWM seeks Flaka help

One of my main goals this season is to make a flaka, also known as the Swayze. It's a move that, when performed by someone who knows how to do it, looks pretty easy. (I guess that could be said for any maneuver, but this one is one that people really get dialed.) I'm not counting the number of attempts this time, but I am trying them a lot particularly because there is a case of beer on the line (specifically, Mexican Pacifico Ballenas). Whichever of the dozen or so of us that are trying them this year gets it first wins the beer.

I've gotten to this point where I'm getting the nose down first and rotating, but I can't seem to get the move to go all the way around. Can someone who can flaka please help a brother out in the comments section? I'm looking at you Brendan, Chachi, and the rest of youse guys!

**whoever gives me the tip that unlocks the move will WIN one of the beers from the case.

***I filmed this using Sergey's Mast Mounted Cam previously discussed on the blog -- it worked like a charm!

**** using my 86 Freestyle Wave in the video due to some "damage" to my freestyle board, which might not be ideal for learning, but I've always thought practicing things slightly handicapped is a good thing.

***** I just like asterisks. They're cool, huh?


Fish said...

Let me know how they go! I'll need those tips too! I'd like to figure them out (or any new trick for that matter), before I hit the big four-oh.

Catapulting Aaron said...

I'll let you know. I nearly made one yesterday but biffed the end of the 360 (board sunk, I catapulted)

So far the tips have been:

1. Andy McKinney: position mast to the outside of the turn.

2. Brendon: Lead more with the sail, start the sail and body before the board.

3.Brian Miller: move hands back on boom and throw sail a few more inches forward.

Sergey Menshikov said...

Hey, Aaron, thanks for the link! Why do you keep linking to .net, though? :) Good luck with flakas!

Catapulting Aaron said...

Yo Sergey... I'm mentally challenged... for some reason I thought that was the URL (like Will fix all the links!

Sergey Menshikov said...

Do them on starboard? :)

CdnGuy said...

Can you do an upwind 360 in the straps? The tricktionary says that is a good pre-move to work on. (I think I saw you start one in your video - but with a sail and foot switch at the last minute?) You seem to be getting a lot of the move already, just the ending sail control is missing?
Cheers, Carl

Catapulting Aaron said...

Carl, I started doing the upwind 360 at the end of last season and can do them in the straps pretty consistently on port (slightly less so on starboard). The move I did in the video was just a helitack, but I thought it looked kinda cool.

I made 2 wet ones the other day (spun all the way through, but splashed on my back after the 360), was able to water start in the straps, but I don't think they counted... so I think any day now I'll get lucky with my first "actual" flaka.

CdnGuy said...

Cool. Vulcan vs. Flaka, which is harder or more scary to learn?

Catapulting Aaron said...

I've been thinking of making a post about vulcan/spock vs. flaka. I remember hearing that the vulcan is the hardest freestyle move to learn but I think the flaka actually takes a lot of people longer to figure out.

The vulcan is probably the "least scary" aerial freestyle trick. Flaka is no where near as "scary" as the forward loop, but it definitely takes some balls to go for. (top speed downwind, now jump and stick your nose) The crashes when you're learning the flaka are probably the worst I've had in terms of twisting knees and ankles and getting stuck underwater in weird positions. No time off the water, but definitely a few days of limping.