Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I hate to be gone from the blogosphere for a few months, only to come back to complain, but well...that's what's happening.

Winter windsurfing in the bay area is all about timing. I've been fortunate enough to snatch a few sessions this month mixed in with weekend trips to the mountains, but it's all about luck. Luck and information, that is. You have to be able to know where it's blowing and when it's picking up in order to score any sessions at all. I'm not one to throw any company under the bus, it's not really my style. That said, the amount of outage iwindsurf.com has had this year has been nothing short of ridiculous.

I have no problem spending $100 a year to access these wind meters, nevermind the questionable in-season human forecasts (oh really? It's gonna probably blow 18-25 in July here???). But if I'm paying for them, I want to be able to see the readings. Like, all the time.

I understand if a wind meter somewhere breaks and it takes a few days, or even a week to fix (although 3rd avenue was down for like a month last summer, and it probably serves 1000 windsurfers), but errors that appear to be involved with the ISP or hosting are simply unacceptable.

Apologies for the diatribe, just needed to get some whinesurfing off my chest here.


Mo said...

They had a combo of hardware failure...
"ikitesurf--We are down right now. Hardware failure... sorry everyone. As soon as things are back up and running we will re-tweet."
and software failure...
"weatherflow --Primary and secondary db failure. Running in degraded mode as we restore all systems. Thanks for your patience today!"


Sergey Menshikov said...

The problem it just keeps happening :( I was flying on wunderground.com KHAF readings today, like in stone age.

Outdrsmn said...

This is the first year I have subscribed and the service has been less than stellar. I can understand problems but the frequency of them has been unbelievable.

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