Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Tough Decisions in Life

My company is requiring everyone to take a week vacation in the near future which has me in a bit of a pickle. I've got money budgeted for a windsurfing trip, but the question is: Where to?

Here are the best January options I can see:

1. La Ventana, Baja

+ 75% chance of wind
+ Less expensive than the other options
+ Nice conditions from what I've seen and read... sunny!
- Wind might be more like "kiting wind" 15-20, not the 20+ I've grown to love.
- Camping is cheap, but rooms are expensive... do I want to camp on vacation?
- No night life

2. Costa Rica

+ 100% chance of gorge-like wind
+ It's the jungle in freakin' Costa Rica -- how cool!
- overcast weather usually at the windsurfing area
- 0 night life
- Maybe chillier than the other options

3. Maui

+ It's Maui! Windsurfing heaven, etc etc
+ I already know some really cool people down there
- 50% chance of wind, plus the potential for swell that I couldn't handle
- Getting skunked on a windsurfing trip would be unfun. I know, I know other stuff to do, but I really want to grab a boom on this trip.
- I was there a few months ago

So, my dear readers. What would you choose?


George Markopoulos said...


even with giant surf, you can still play on in the inside at kanaha. and sprecks is fun too, though the surf gets pretty big not so far off shore

Sierra said...


If you are going to suffer lighter winds, might as well go to Maui and at least catch some excellent swell.

Costa Rica is better for a few weeks off, not just one week. Wouldn't you like to have 1 week minimum to windsurf, and then a week to cruise the country and check it out?

Maui is..well...amazing. Pretty solid chance for swell, and hopefully some wind too. The people are amazing :-) And, since you only have 1 week, you won't feel like you run out of time to do everything Maui has to offer since you have already been here.

Good luck on your decision, keep us posted on where you end up!

Outdrsmn said...

I hear Jeri is pretty good this time of year and I hear they have a little nightlife. You might need more than a week though. If I had you problem my choices would be between Bonaire, Jeri and Maui... But I don't :(

PeconicPuffin said...

If your descriptions are accurate, I'd go for Costa Rica. Maui without wind, for me as a windsurfer, was not fun (I was there 19 days, got skunked for 3. 1 was fine (my arms were burnt out). The other two were a drag.

Waterturtle said...

I know guys who've been skunked in Costa Rica but its a great place to go and there will likely be wind. There is world class surfing too. Or you can play in the jungle. I went there last March with my family and we had a great time.

You should go there if you've never been. Of course, La Ventana looks fun too.

Sierra said...

Everyone does make good points here.

Personally, I would be tortured if I had only a week to go somewhere amazing like Costa Rica, Jeri, Bonaire. After spending 4 weeks in Costa Rica I know without a doubt that 1 week would be only enough to tempt me and torture me with what I wanted more of.

But it depends on you Aaron! Is one week enough, as long as its ripping windy everyday? Could be fun :-)

It would suck for you to end up on Maui for a week with no wind. Although trades come back tomorrow.. I hear them outside my window right now. Just take your trip now!

James Douglass said...

Coooooooooosta Riiiiica!!

Go to Lake Arenal, sail 3.0, and hang out with groovy backpacker types.