Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finally a break...

I arrived in the OBX on Friday and have sailed in 20+ mph winds each day that I've been here. I'm tired. My hands and feet are gnarly with cuts and bruises. It's actually pretty nice to have a little break on this light wind day. Who knows, I might sail tonight... we'll see.

It's been great though because I've gotten to hang out with some really good windsurfers. I'm staying in Avon with Josh Sampiero, editor of windsurfing magazine. He's a really cool, talented guy and he's always there to give a helping hand to other sailors. Yesterday he got me to give the ocean a shot. I got pretty close to getting past the sets out into the ocean but got hit in the face each time. Good to know that even if I can stay dry(ish) on jibes, I still won't have to abandon the satisfaction of being humiliated in some aspect of the sport.

I also met Bill Bell from OBX Beach Life and Andy from LostInHatteras. Both were really cool guys in real life, too, not suprisingly. I feel so damn linked in to the east coast windsurf blogging community now. It's like an elite community of badass windsurfers. Then me, easily the worst windsurfer ever to grab the boom.


James Douglass said...

"...I still won't have to abandon the satisfaction of being humiliated in some aspect of the sport."

So true. Of course the flip side of the humiliation now is greater glory somewhere down the line when you DO make it out through the break. :)

Andy said...

Good to meet you too! And even better to nab some sweet SW sailing last night!

Today might be another good ocean opportunity, the waves are looking pretty wee, which should make it a bit less daunting than, say, running across a busy 4 lane highway...

Luke said...


If only I had video of my jibe attempts Sunday afternoon. I swear I've done better than this guy.

Oh, and hope you have good weather for the rest of your Hatteras trip.

This one is pretty neat too:

Outdrsmn said...

Ahh don't be so hard on yourself.... There is no way possible you are the worst windsurfer. I'm fairly certain have claim to being the worst. I have been at it @7 years and just now getting comfortable in the straps, get wet on nearly every jibe, still manage to fall in occasionally while tacking and have never sailed in the ocean.

I attribute my suckage to the 30 days or so of sailing I've gotten in since I started. That changes this year!

Looks like the next couple days should be pretty good down there.

Catapulting Aaron said...

luke, you were killing it with your jibes, full plane for 30 yards... that catapulting video was ALLSOME!

That Andre video is really badass too!

outdrsmn... agreed that time on the water is huge for getting better... I'm also a believer that good instruction is just as important. I saved myself a year easy with ABK.

Paul Richardson said...

Glad to hear you're getting some sweet conditions. You'll probably notice huge improvements in your skills, once your wounds heal.
Rock on!

PeconicPuffin said...

I assure you all that I not only have held the title of Worst Windsurfer in the World in the past, but I still reclaim the throne from time to time.