Saturday, March 29, 2008

Busy Busy - Recap of March...

March kinda flew by and I didn't really have time to post anything. I was traveling for work and pleasure a whole bunch.

Some of the things I did:

1. Rode the cog train up to the top of Pike's Peak:

2. Snowboarded at Arapahoe Basin:

3. Went Skeet Shooting in Georgia (no pictures, but honest, it happened).

4. Went Windsurfing in the San Francisco Bay at Coyote Point. (also no pictures, but the chop was "wow!")

5. Sailed Formula Gear at Sandy Point near Annapolis. (I really oughta buy new batteries for my camera).

So it's been an intense, crazy month, but definitely a really fun one... Looking forward to spring getting started strong here in the mid-atlantic... and of course, Windfest.


James Douglass said...

How was the formula sailing? Whose stuff were you riding?

Catapulting Aaron said...

I rode my own stuff... actually me and a buddy found a sweet deal on 100% carbon masts and Gaastra's from a couple years ago in a 9.3 and a 10.9. It works out well since he weighs a few more pounds than me. We both have our own boards... he bought a used one from KP and I bought an old Mistral Devil (which is really non-technical to ride). Formula sailing is cool and not too expensive just as long as you're not out there to try to compete...

Andy said...

Gotta love any month that includes snowsliding, sailing, and shooting(?)!

What's the winter scene like in San Fran? Lots of sailors?

Paul Richardson said...

Killer! Sounds like a real great month!

I've been cleaning house for prospective buyers, fixing my ailing vehicles, cleaning house, fixing our club boat, and cleaning house.

Selling a house in this market sucks. I can't wait until Windfest!!!

Catapulting Aaron said...

I think March is pretty much when people get started in the Bay... The wind was great to me, but the locals were saying it was a little up and down for their taste, and it gets much better in April and through the summer. I was there from about 3-6pm and there were a half dozen sailors or so at the spot.