Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Playing Catch up -- June

June was, as per usual, a pretty dang good month for windsurfing in the Bay.

I windsurfed 20 days and actually missed a few windy days. We had a couple of weird patterns at the beginning and the end of the month, but over all it was a winner.

My average sail size was 4.82.


Beric said...

Nice June! Also, your fllaka videos is so flakan Swayze!

windsurfinggypsy said...

Man Good job 20 plus days, and you managed to keep track of all of them. Every time I say to myself ok...Im going to keep track of my sessions...I last about 3 days Luckily for me in june i am pretty sure thats all I got in rio :-) Keep up the good work.