Thursday, April 7, 2011


April 6th was one of those 3.7/75 kinds of days. Winds in the 30s. 3rd Avenue was littered with ramps and juicy swells. Everyone comes in shaking their head around 6:00, blown off the water.

It. Was. Awesome.

By my estimation we get 12 or fewer of those days a year, but the money spent on your teeny board and teeny sail still feel well worth the price.

Lots of smiles coming off the water.

A little bit of carnage.


Jacob said...

Note to casual readers from outside the Bay Area: that first picture doesn't look windy.

In fact, it was windy. Steady 3.7 (maybe 4.2 for the burly fellas, 3.3 for the lovely 3rd ave ladies) for hours.

Also note the sails on the horizon; you gotta sail 1.5 miles out to deeper water to get to the swell. Without the benefit of the ebb yesterday, it was only about chest-head high. With a proper ebb, it goes overhead-logo and vertical. Hard not to pretend you are Dale Cook in those conditions.

Still stoked. Cheers.

Brian S said...

How should we pronounce "February"?