Sunday, May 18, 2008

Goodbye Baltimore Area Boardsailing + GEAR FOR SALE!

Farewell BABA:

It is with heavy heart and blistered hand that I bid farewell to the finest Mid-Atlantic windsurfing club ever formed (I think I just WET myself...). In a couple of weeks, I will be selling all my belongings and heading west to live, work and play in that "other" bay area. While the windsurfing club in that region boasts 1200+ members and strong political influence, I'm certain that I'll find that BABA still reigns supreme in grit, guile, moxy and all the other "je ne sous quoi" factors one could imagine. I would specifically like to thank Daphne, Helen and Marc Rosen for always making me feel welcome at various events, the Marks' at East of Maui for living the dream as starving windsurfers so we can get that downhaul line and replaced extension when we are in a pinch, and Coby, for putting together an amazing spring trip and finding a way for me to partake in this year's event.

Aside from sharing my obsequious goodbye with BABA with this email, I would also like to offer up some windsurfing gear for sale. These prices are so low that anyone in search of light-wind gear should cry tears of joy upon reading forth. Wipe away those tears now, as you must email me with godspeed to have a shot at being the first to take any of it home!

SOLD! 490cm Fiberspar 55% carbon mast -- has much life remaining! $75

SOLD! 520cm 100% carbon mast and a 9.3m2 Gaastra Nitro III, Good condition: $300

Mistral Devil Formula board -- an awesome formula or lightwind freeride board. "Planes in a flatulent", to put it eloquently. Includes Straps, fin. $250

SOLD! 2002 Chinook Carbon Formula Boom -- I've put this on sails from 9.0 to 11.0 super stiff. New aluminum tail piece. --$150

SOLD! 2006 Chinook Aluminum Formula Boom -- $100

An enterprising person may read this ad and offer me $750 for the whole lot, knowing that they'll be able to move all this gear for a profit in a longer time frame. This would be something I would happily consider, entreprenuers are welcome.

One more thing I'll add, I'm selling my whitewater kayak as well. $500 gets you a pyrhana stretch play/river runner boat used less than 20 times, along with a helmet, spray skirt, and paddle. Never let a weekend pass without getting wet!

All gear is in Arlington, VA... but I will consider drop it off nearby if someone is interested in purchasing the lot, and if there is cold beer at the other end of said journey.

Thanks to all!


ps. for updates on my trials and tribulations of changing from from an east to west coast windsurfer or if you ever find yourself in such a deep swamp of boredom that crying no longer cures, you may want to check out my windsurfing blog at I assure you, you will be disappointed.


John said...

aaron! im up in NOVA again wouldn't mind checking out the boom and mast. email me at so we can get in touch

PeconicPuffin said...

Very exciting news! Now you'll become a great high wind windsurfer, learn to work the currents and dodge sharks seals and submarines, and have a great time.

I'm sorry to have missed you in Hatteras. Have a successful mood and keep da blog going!

P.S. LOTS of ABK clinic action out there.